Mark Wahlberg Busy With Wahlburgers And…

By Chelsea Pech
Posted on 07 Oct 2011 at 7:00am


The rumor mill is running about Beantown boy Mark Wahlberg.  There are a few unconfirmed, but very likely projects the former executive producer of “Entourage” may have in the works since the hit HBO show ended last month.

Firstly, there is the very strong possibility of an “Entourage” feature film.  Since the show announced it would end after its eight season the chatter about a movie (a la “Sex and the City”) has been constant.  Wahlberg himself confirmed to People Magazine last month that a movie was in the works, commenting, “It better happen.”

Wahlberg may soon enough have another movie on his hands.  His 2010 film The Fighter garnered seven Academy Award Nominations and two wins and now Wahlberg is looking to make magic with the story of Lowell boxer Micky Ward once again.  At the “Spike TV Guys Choice Awards,” where The Fighter won for “Guy Movie of the Year,” Wahlberg announced The Fighter 2 was underway.  He said the sequel will focus on Micky Ward’s epic battles with Arturo Gatti, which were left out of the first film specifically for a second installment.


Brothers Mark and Donnie Wahlberg

Finally, Wahlberg seems interested in a very new venture for the rapper turned movie star.  Reports are surfacing that Mark is trying to convince his brother Chef Paul Wahlberg to start a reality show about the brothers’ new business venture, a burger joint in Hingham, appropriately named Wahlburgers.  Mark has noted he will plan on taking a smaller role in the show, joking that he would be more like Charlie’s Angels, lending just his voice to the series.  He even hinted that the Wahlberg brothers may be interested in expanding their businesses and possibly start their own clothing line as well.  No matter what move Wahlberg plans next he will undoubtedly remain one busy man in Hollywood for quite come time.

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