Debra Crosby’s A Quest Actor’s Studio Offers Classes in Salem, MA

By Victoria Kichuk
Posted on 10 Aug 2010 at 1:00am

A Quest Actor’s Studio, in Salem, MA offers a variety of acting classes and other assistance to those interested in entering the television and film industries. Helmed by former actress, writer, producer, and director, Debra Crosby, both veteran thespians and relative newcomers can find a number resources that are available through the studio. Classes include both youth and adult age levels, with private coaching available for those that feel they get more out of being one-on-one. A summer film making and film acting academy for youth is also offered, and lessons include in-depth techniques and tips on everything from modeling training, to improvisation, to screen playwright, film making, and film production courses.

Debra Crosby of A Quest Studios in Salem, MA

“We offer lots of options in terms of helping people’s careers. We have workshops with end goals that are real projects with high caliber writing” says Crosby.

In Crosby’s version of a film and acting boot camp, prospective students are invited to come in on a Wednesday, attend a class free of charge to try it out. They will then be given real film scripts to work on and rehearse with screen partners. They will then work with Bill Aydelott, where they will present what they’ve worked on, after which he will give his constructive criticism, at which point they will be told in essence whether or not they “got the job”. A that point they will then get a new script to work on; if they don’t get it, he will tell them why. Bill Aydelott is a four-time Emmy winner who has worked with Paramount, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros., producing location sequences for TV series like “Boston Legal”, “The Practice”, “Boston Public”, “Ally McBeal”, “Cheers”, and “Fringe”.

Crosby hopes to make Salem the next Sundance, and is very active in the Hollywood East community. “You don’t have to go to NY or LA for the kind of training we are providing here in Salem, MA” she says. “ I love helping people, it’s why I do what I do — it’s what drives me!”

Bill Aydelott

Additionally, A Quest Studio also offers production services for people shooting commercials. Crosby’s short documentary film, Peace, Love & Hope…You make them happen!, was shown in the 2007 juried Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival, and was based on a humanitarian trip she took to Senegal, West Africa. Crosby also hosts “Talent Quest” a TV show shot at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston that searches for the best of local talent in music, singing, acting, dance, and other performance arts. Crosby has a number of exciting new projects in the works, including one that we’ll announce in the coming weeks here on Hollywood East Connection!

For more information on A Quest Studio, visit the website or contact Debra at: [email protected]

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