“Gangnam Style” Star’s Boston Connections

By Victoria Kichuk
Posted on 16 Oct 2012 at 3:39pm

Jae-sang Park has invaded the country, and Boston can lay partial claim to his success. Park, better known as K-pop rapper “Psy,” has been popping up on “The Today Show,” “Ellen,” and “Saturday Night Live” ever since his epic Youtube video and song, “Gangnam Style” has amassed over 475 million views, the most ever in the history of the site, and more than 4.1 million “likes.”

The star has made a name for himself for quite a few years back home in Korea, and while his sudden appearances all over television and radio may have many thinking this performer appeared out of nowhere, in actuality, Psy actually attended both Boston University and Berklee College of Music.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest on his live radio show, Psy talked about his years in Boston. During the interview, he said he was “Freshman for four years,” who didn’t advance because “class was too early.” Psy went on tell a story about a particular incident that occurred early on in his Boston collegiate career. When Psy entered Boston University as a freshman to study business at the insistance of his parents, he lived at Warren Towers, one of the largest dormitories on campus. According to him, he was the only Korean that couldn’t speak much English, and the only Asian that he knew of in the building. In Korea, the drinking age is 20, but age is counted differently there, as babies are considered one year old at birth. As such, he was already an experienced drinker by the time he entered college. In an attempt to get to know his fellow students better, he talked some of them into having a drink with him after purchasing some alcohol down in Chinatown. Some of the students became heavily intoxicated, and had to be rushed to the hospital, creating a minor controversy and news item at the school.

Now, the “dress classy, dance cheesy” star has inspired a new dance craze and topped the iTunes charts, and has vowed “If it ranks number one in the Billboard chart, then I will perform ‘Gangnam Style’ topless in a place where everyone can watch,” Psy told a news conference on his return from the United States.

No word yet on whether Psy will reach back to his Beantown years for inspiration and produce a “Boston Style” video.

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