Mother’s Day Hollywood East Style

By Mary Pierce
Posted on 12 May 2012 at 10:19pm

There’s really nothing like your touch

Since I was a little girl I’ve run to you

You’ve given me guidance and faith to do so much

I’ve always been inspired by your strength and never letting go

You raised all six of us with love and value

And your touch just makes all of us glow

Moms like mine are the fingerprints of time

And its times like today to let all you Mothers know

That your touch is the reason all of us grow.

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate our Moms. It doesn’t matter how we make the day special. Just remember to tell her how much you love her. It’s a great excuse to spoil her more for the life she has given you. So here in Hollywood East. We reached out and asked you to tell us about your Superstar Mom.

“My mom is special to me every day of the year, not just because it’s Mothers Day,” the stylish blonde actress Kati Salowsky tells HEC.  “She is my biggest supporter….and in this business, having a support system is huge. The world of acting is not an easy one to live in. Not everyone thinks that being an “actor” is a smart choice…lets face it, it’s not. It’s not a safe job by any means.

Kati Salowsky


My mother knows this and it has led to many discussions/arguments about where my future is headed. She is my voice of reason. However, she sees that acting is what I want to do, and she wants me to be happy doing what I love. She is my cheerleader when I get auditions and land roles as well as my comfort pillow when I don’t. She picks me up, brushes me off, and tells me to keep going. I owe her everything for believing in me. No words express how appreciative I am of all that she selflessly sacrifices for me. The best I can come up with is, “I love you mom!”

“It’s funny, its pretty simple for me,” the pretty actress Vanessa Leigh tells us. “I tell my mother I love her every single day. Whether text or call or write. Just so that she never forgets how much I appreciate her and what a wonderful, caring and selfless person I think she is.”

“My Mom worked at St Elizabeth’s ER, overnight, when we were kids,” the handsome Musician, Randy Vera tells us.  “She would be back just in time to help me get to school. I had my share of trouble. Mom stuck by me.


She never complained, even through her cancer treatment – it was “aren’t we lucky to live in Boston with the best hospitals in the world” – “why me” never crossed her mind. This Mother’s day, I made a video of her grand kids impersonating her. “Randall, your hair looks like a derelict! When you get a real job you will need short hair. Etc Etc” she is the rock of my life.”

Actor Andrew Cromartie tells us, “Well, my mom lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, so me and my sister mail her boxes and boxes of L.A. Burdicks gourmet chocolate!” That’s sweet.


TTN HD Production Live, Jon R tells us, “So sad that I can’t be with my mom for Mother’s Day because she lives in NY but I got to see her last weekend. It was so nice to spend some quality time with her! I found a fun present for her this year: a solar-powered light-up flower for the front of the house to match up with my dad’s tree face! I’m going to make sure I call her as well and send her a card with a nice message in it. It makes me sad that I can’t be there with her but I’m going to have a baby girl in three months, so I’ll have a new mother to look after soon!” Congrats Jon!

“My mother and I are pretty much best friends,” the young actress Courtney Devon Hughes tells us. “Every Thursday we spend the whole day together. On Mother’s Day I make her breakfast and bring her lilacs because they are her favorite flowers. She never asks for much so I usually give her much more presents than she expects.”

“Well, Mothers day in my house is pretty laid back,” super sweet Actress Melissa McMeekin tells us. “It pretty much is up to me and whatever I want to do, which other than sleep, the answer to that changes every year. But I always get to sleep and have breakfast in bed. And my mom and I usually end the day by seeing a movie.

“This year, I will be celebrating my 9th Mother’s Day on the set of the feature film “GRACE”, it’s the first time I will not be with my sweet little girls and my Mom on Mother’s Day,” the lovely Erica McDermott tells us.

“As usual, my family will be enjoying brunch together… only this year it will be a day earlier. Lucky for me, I have the most supportive family all year long…. what more could a Mom ask for?”

Mass Movie Maven, Chris Palermo tells us, “I’ll cook for my mom on Mother’s Day, get her lilacs(her favorite)and get her a Barbara Streistand-related gift. She’s a Babs freak!” ‘You are the wind beneath her wings’ Chris!

“You got one mother in life and even though sometimes you drive each other crazy,”Irish Whisper Adriano Masciarelli tells us. “If it wasn’t for mamma duke, I wouldn’t be here doing my thing in life. I’m going to take her out to dinner with my brother and sister.”

Bi-Coastal Comedian Tommy Natoli tells us, “I always send her a Mothers Day card no matter where I am around Mothers Day. Not just some generic card something I know will make her laugh or cry. That’s my Mother’s Day tradition. As for throughout the year…I think what makes my Mom happy is when I tell her about how something she taught me didn’t go unnoticed, and that I actually was listening and learning from her as I grew up. I make her feel special by letting her know she did a great job raising me. I heart my mom!”

Hollywood East Moms are SUPERSTARS!  We love you. Life is busy but our Moms are always on the right pace. Thanks for being our biggest fans! Mom you rock!



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