RI Filmmaker Justine Jungels Bevilacqua Makes Her Mark on the Scene

By Amalia Thermopolis
Posted on 30 Aug 2010 at 1:00am

Justine Jungels Bevilacqua, graduated from Boston’s Emerson College only a year ago, but has already worked on some big name movies and been featured in the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Filmmaker, Justine Jungels Bevilacqua

Bevilacqua got her start after college working on fellow New Englander Kevin Undergaro‘s film Serial Buddies. The film was shot in Connecticut and produced by Massachusetts native Maria Menounos.  From there, Bevilacqua went on to work behind the scenes of Brendan Fraser’s film Furry Vengeance.  She had the fun job of filming behind the scenes footage of the animals and their trainers.  During this time, Bevilacqua’s BFA film, Hide and Seek, also premiered at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and was recently featured in the The Rhode Island International Film Festival.

After working on larger scale productions, Bevilacqua moved back to her hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, where she has been spending time improving her skills and focusing on her own productions.  She has shot weddings to hone her camera skills and worked on lighting design and theater work.

Bevilacqua recently started a personal documentary and lesbian web series titled Anisha and Justine Do…, some of which are now available to watch online.  She plans to start shooting the rest of her 24 episode season this upcoming month.  On her filmmaking experience so far, Bevilacqua says that, “I want to make my own films and it’s almost scarier [to do that].  You gotta hustle [and] make money to make a movie.”

Bevilacqua cites her family as an important factor as to how she has been able to stay so involved in film while living in Rhode Island.  She considers herself “blessed to have a family of filmmakers” and advises others to “try to get whatever jobs you can get” in film and to either use any equipment you can find or go to a film school, where you can take advantage of their resources.  Bevilacqua also reminds others that it is “all about networking” saying that “in Rhode Island I think it [networking] is important because unless you know people, it’s hard to get [film] work.”  So, if you’re in an area where it might be hard to work on films, find like minded people who can work with you to make movies.

In the future, Bevilacqua has plans to make her feature and get certified to teach film.  She cites teaching as a passion of hers and already mentors students at the Carriage House Stage & School, where she shows high school students how to edit and use cameras.  In fact, she got her first grant to make several shorts with the kids at the non-profit program.

Check out Justine’s many videos and keep up to date on her film endeavors on her webpage.  Below is a trailer of her award winning short Hide and Seek.

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