Wicked Single Gives Boston a Bad Rap

By Victoria Kichuk
Posted on 30 Mar 2013 at 12:03am


The new VH1 reality series, “Wicked Single,” created such an initial ruckus when it released a teaser trailer on it’s website that angry viewers commented by the hundreds, remarking on how terrible the show looked to be. Not to let an opportunity go by, VH1 started using the comments as pull quotes on their television commercials, referring to viewers’ desires to inflict graphic violence on themselves, rather than be subjected to more of the show. Now, in a recent article by Boston Magazine, writer Bryanna Cappadona begs the question, “Is Boston the New New Jersey of Reality TV?” Not exactly the most flattering suggestion.

The show follows the antics of six young Bostonians, most of which seem to have not only a severe, and cliched Boston accident, but some sort of speech impediment, and/or a learning disability, that impairs their judgement and their awareness of reality, making said antics more eye-roll worthy than even mildly entertaining. This is not the Boston of highly educated scientists, doctors, professors, and techno wiz-kids, nor even the educational pursuits of any of the over 250k students that attend America’s “College Town” each and every fall. This is the work of the worst Boston stereotypes, hyperbolized into the same kind of mindless tripe that made the “Jersey Shore” into a parody of shoreline dwelling would-be Italianos.

Add “Southie Rules” to the mix, and Boston, for better or worse, has a decent amount of representation on TV, but most Beantown dwellers would say that the perception it casts is anything but fair.

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