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Winter Film Festivals in New England

Posted on 30 Jan 2010 at 3:00am

With the spring comes the first surge of annual film festivals, but the lineup this February shows that, even in the middle of winter, the local community is devoted to bringing these special events to the public. Here at Hollywood East Connection, we have the only comprehensive list of film festivals for the New England area available online.

The Boston Science Fiction Film Festival is in its 35th year of existence and was at first exclusively a 24 hour marathon.  In 2010, the festival spans across a period of 10 days, and is now one of the biggest festivals devoted to sci-fi themed movies alone.  It is a great place to come talk science fiction and film with other fans of the genre.  The Boston Science Fiction Film Festival takes place February 5th to the 15th at the Somerville Theater in Somerville, MA.

The International Festival of Films on Art is hosted by the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston, MA.  This series presents the best films, as selected by the MFA, from the 27th Montreal International Festival of Film on Art and includes productions on architecture, photography, painting, dance, music, cinema, and literature. The MFA is renowned for offering additional programs and series on a variety of subjects throughout the year. The International Festival of Films on Art takes place from February 24th to March 4th.

The Salem Film Fest is a relatively new program in Salem, MA, but is becoming a premiere all-documentary festival for some of the best work produced throughout the world.  Each of the films screened over the week allows for the audience to become engaged in the experience, and to see the world in a new light.  The Salem Film Fest takes place at Cinema Salem from February 26th to March 4th.

Click here to see our list of 44 film festivals in New England.

Wichita Knight and Day on Location

Posted on 22 Oct 2009 at 4:00am

Tom Cruise‘s Untitled Wichita Project has recently been renamed Knight and Day. The action comedy screenplay, co-written by James Mangold and Scott Frank (Marley & Me, Minority Report), follows a fugitive couple–Cruise and Cameron Diaz–on a glamorous, yet deadly adventure around the globe. Cruise and Diaz will share the screen with Wilton, CT native Paul Dano in the role of an eccentric genius behind a revolutionary technology.

Directed by Mangold (Walk the Line; Girl, Interrupted), the film production was spotted on the streets of Charlestown and South Boston just last weekend. Previous filming locations include the Worcester airport, Bridgewater and Somerville. While there has been talk of production in Woburn, sources reveal that the Commerce Way outpost is merely a storage station rather than a film set.

According to an October 13 press release, Knight and Day will also film in less local locales, including Austria, Spain, and the tropics. The Twentieth Century Fox/ New Regency co-production is scheduled to hit theaters on July 2, 2010.

Which Town Will Wichita Hit Next?

Posted on 30 Sep 2009 at 4:34am

On September 26, reported that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz‘s untitled film project temporarily known as Wichita had just finished filming a scene in Bridgewater, MA. The production crew shot the simulation of a Boeing 727 plane crash in a Cumberland Farms cornfield early Friday morning. Despite a neighborhood notification that the “firebomb” blast would occur between midnight and 4am, the big bang didn’t take place until 5:28am. More than 100 residents parked their cars in fields off of Summer Street to witness the explosion.

But Wichita‘s affair with Massachusetts isn’t exclusively on the South Shore; according to a September 17 article on The Boston Globe Online, the flick just finished up a week of filming on Windsor Street in Somerville–the industrial area adjoining East Cambridge.

Wichita‘s stars have been enjoying the first days of fall in our beloved Bean. On September 25, the Boston Herald Inside Track reported that Diaz was spotted buying some cigs at Harrison Avenue’s Bostonian Market. Before you assault that long, cool woman with anti-smoking statistics, be sure to ask for her autograph.

Diaz and Cruise were also spotted filming on Congress Street in Boston on Monday. Check out the video below to catch HEC’s roving reporter Mary Pierce on location.

Wichita is scheduled to hit theaters next July. To catch up on Hollywood East Connection coverage of the work-in-progress, click here.


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